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Latest news

The website is finally up and running. Stay tuned for more developements. Be sure to check out our forum for support, discussion and you are most welcome to join our staff.

The projects page

The main projects are the Atlantis OS and the Lazarus based applications. The promotion of Object Pascal could be seen as a kind of "side effect".


Atlantis OS

The project might sound utopic but a suitable core has already be found/ The developpement will be started when a critical number of developpers are rassemled. This will ensure that the projects doesnt collapses before its completed.


Programmers and designers wanted

If you are an Object Pascal (Lazarus/Delphi) developer and/or graphical designer, please contact us. Your help is more than welcome.

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Atlantis OS

What is it?

  • » An Object Pascal based OS
  • » Focussing on security, stability and easy hardware plugin
  • » Phase: Pre-developement

Lazarus/Object Pascal based applications

What does this contain?

  • » Programms developed using Object Pascal and Lazarus (FPC)
  • » Contains a list of applications that are free and open source